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BCx BioComplex Bioremediation

Microbe Facts: 

Microbes can eliminate or neutralize many toxic compounds in the  environment. Bioremediation is the most economical and most efficient way to  reduce toxic waste. 


 Natural bioremediation often happens very, very slowly. This is  why we need EKO GEA (speeds + feeds + cleans + shelters  microbes) 

Problems can arise if the chosen microbes for a particular job aren't well  suited to life in their new environment 


Some microbes are very good at degrading certain toxins. If microbes that  degrade oil, for example, are not present in an environment where oil has  been spilled, EKO GEA can add oil-degrading microbes to that  environment. Our microbes are grown in our lab and encapsulated for  later use.  

Many compounds can be degraded by microbes, including the  following: 

  • Organic weed killers (herbicide)  

  • Oil and hydrocarbons 

  • PCB's polychlorinated biphenyls (insulator-coolants in  electric power plant transformers) DDT 1,1,1-trichloro-2,2-bis(p-chlorophenyl) ethane - an  organic insect killer (pesticide) 

  • Toxaphene

  • Plastic 

  • Detergents 

Certain microbes can transform the following compounds into  other non-toxic or less toxic forms. These include heavy metals  such as selenium, arsenic, mercury and uranium; fertilizers,  including nitrate and phosphate; and runoff from mining  operations. The following inorganic toxic compounds have  microbes that can transform them in some way: 

  • Mercury in batteries 

  • Nitrite - fertilizer runoff 

  •  Selenium 

  • Arsenic 

  • Uranium

  • Acid mine drainage

Adding microbes to solve challenging bioremediation problems is  not a sure thing. EKO GEA leap-frogs this challenge by bio activating – feeding, protecting, sheltering a FULL RANGE of  microbes for the applications to which they are already suited,  acclimatized, and in-situ. EKO GEA can also enhance the  performance of microbes added to environments for specific tasks.

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