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BCx BioComplex Animal Health and Sanitization.

Animal Health

  • Our natural hygiene and feed ingredient products have a positive effect on many key performance indicators for poultry, pigs, equine, and cattle.

  • The improvement in gut health works from an early age in the animal. This also means a reduction in scouring in the early stages which, in the pig industry, provides a viable option as replacement to zinc treatments.

  • Additional benefits to improved KPIs also include a reduction in ammonia and methane emissions.


BioComplex Plus Pigs Animals

BioComplex Plus is a Certified feed ingredient improving animal health, performance, and profitability. It also benefits the environment by reducing ammonia.

  • 100% Natural Organic Feed Ingredient

  • Increased Daily live weight gain

  • Improved Feed Conversion Ration

  • Improved mortality 

  • Reduced Levels of Ammonia in housing and across the farm

  • Helps reduce the need for Antibiotics 

  • pododermatitis

BioComplex BOOST for Poultry

Biocomplex BOOST is a certified hygiene product that improves bird that improves bird health, performance, and profitability by reducing pathogens & ammonia in broiler houses.

  • Improve animal health 

  • Excellent return on investment

  • Improved feed conversion ratio

  • Lower level of ammonia reduced levels of pododermatitis and hock burn

  • Pathogen reduction



Higher Available Nitrogen in Litter


50% Reduction in Ammonia in Faeces


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