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BCx  BioComplex 

Cleaning Oil Spills - Coastlines, Marshlands, Birds & Mammals


EKO GEA provides a safe, effective biological solution for cleaning oil spilled  from the environment. Our solution is especially appropriate in cleaning  environmentally-sensitive areas and affected wildlife. 

How It Works on Spilled Oil  

EKO GEA’s unique biological additive breaks  down hydrocarbons and destroys oil in a  metabolic process - reducing the hydrocarbon  molecules into H2O + CO2. EKO GEA’s biology  provides multiple functions in the ecological cleaning process:  

• Destroys hydrocarbons without the use of  chemicals and the additional problems that  chemicals cause when introduced into ecosystems.  

• Provides immediate biological ion exchange  which breaks down sulphurs and blocks heavy  metals in oils.  

• Provides unique nutrients and alginates which  comprehensively and simultaneously feed and  protect the microbes which do the work.  

Reacts immediately and continues working in the  ecosystem, restoring natural microbiology for balanced symbiosis of flora and fauna. 

EKO GEA uses a unique bio-active marine algae  suspension which feeds and protects the microbes from the hostile hydrocarbon environment - allowing them to function, thrive, and multiply.  

More workers = more work.  

Beyond being safe for marine life, EKO GEA’s biological additive actually supports and sustains  

marine life, enhances beneficial plankton and diatom growth - an important food source for marine life.  


Application: Additive is easily applied to coast lines and marshlands via spray from boats or  planes and can be applied directly on birds and  mammals for effective and safe cleaning of fur and  feathers - no rinsing required.  

Application Rate: One liter per 200m² of spill surface. Depending on viscosity of oil, treatment may  need to be repeated. 

• No chemicals  

• No surfactants/ detergents  

• Fast, effective, and  safe  

• Easy to apply - no  secondary steps  required

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