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BCx  BioComplex for Lawn and Garden?

EKOGEA’s BCxBioComplex for Crops is Organic certified bio stimulant for helping to activate, feed and protect the microbial populations responsible for rebuilding soil eco – systems

Rich in oligosaccharidosis’s and polyuronic acids, its full of naturally occurring compounds which promote a diverse and balanced environment for plant and soil health


Benefits for soil

  • BioComplex for Crops intensifies the beneficial microbial activity and carbon in soil. 

  • This not only increase the plants available nutrients but it also improves soil structure and aeration leading to improved water holding capacity 

  • Seed germination and resistance to wind and water erosion. 

  • Reduces the requirement for mineral fertilizers and is 100% natural (organic)

  • Rebuilds and rejuvenates soil and makes it more durable against erosion 

  • Increases the level of plant available nitrogen 

  • Promotes and enriches humic acid content and grey humus in soil as polyuronic acids from marine algae have similar molecular structure to humic acids

  • Improves cation exchange capacity to rid soils of leachable heavy metals and hydrocarbons

BioComplex for plants 

  • BioComplex encourages stronger and bigger root mass/ growth ensuring the plants are increasingly well supplied with nutrients from the soil

  • This helps deformation of the plants leaf, disease and hence improves the ripening process

  • The improved physiology of the plant also boost resistance to pathogen – induced disease and climate risk such as drought or frost 

  • Encourages biological Ion Exchange and facilitates uptake of ions by plants 

  • Buffers harmful soil compounds (making them harmless and no longer leachable)

  • Converts nitrates and phosphates more effectively because of improved microbiology

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